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cQi is aimed both at producers and buyers of components in the micromechanical field.


Industries: Machine turning, watch industry, medical devices, dental and optical areas, electrical engineering, hydraulic industry, machine and equipment, automotive industry, etc.


In addition to in-house loss control, We also offer the following services in the field of quality assurance:


    • Quality control planning
    • Creation of QA test plans
    • Quality control of complete components series
    • Quality control of individual samples
    • Filtering out parts series with quality defects
    • Manual deburring of component series


  • Service of maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments
  • consultant's Service and training(formation) of the staff



The key advantage of using cQi ? Independence! Since all QA checks are run externally, one can rule out in-house checks which can be influenced by production , control or management personnel.  In addition, I offer the following additional services upon request:


  • Provision of personnel for manpower needs
  • Producing the required counter-expertise
  • Support in-house conflict resolution
  • Quality control of  components at the highest secrecy level
  • Provision of appropriate testing and measurement instruments
  • Outsourcing of QA control as well as other areas


The objective is to produce a detailed test report which presents a clear and unambiguous quality analysis of a component or a component series. It is then up to the sole discretion of the customer to decide whether he would like to supply his client with the respective product or not.

The changes We have made to tests and measurements follow in the principles of technical drawings of the relevant components, the respective sampling plan and the AQL (Acceptable Quality Level) values agreed with the customer.


Test system:


  • Attribute test:                      Optical analysis                              Binocular

Bore monitoring                             Plug gauges

Shape comparison                         Video measurement


Surface qualities                            Roughness                                                                  

measurement device


  • Variable checking:               Diameter measurement                  Measurement bench

Height measurement                      Surveyor’s table

Depth measurement                       Measurement probe

further measurements                     Video measurement




The guaranteed accuracy of test equipment used, which was purchased and installed in February, 2010, is at least 1µ. My measurement equipment comes from the following suppliers:


  • Plug gauges, dia. 0.1-3.5; Azuréa SA in Moutier
  • “Spheridur” carbide gauges:  C-A. Frésard in La Chaux-de-Fonds
  • Contact measurement instruments: Sylvac SA in Bévilard, with “QuickControl Pro” user software
  • Video measurement system: Marcel Aubert SA in Bienne, with “VideoCAD” comparison software and “CQ 5300” measurement software.
  • Other measurement instruments: Brütsch/Rüegger, Zurich

cQi is committed to all customers who trust me with their components for inspection.  We will preserve confidentiality and guarantee maximum reliability and integrity.

The best strategy for success for Swiss and other central European companies is as it has always been: remain completely independent from the particular economic or political situation in the world, to manufacture components with high added value and top quality.




ISO 9001:2008 certified                            Certification at the end of 2010

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